Thursday, August 7, 2008

Beginning of the end

So before you get too hyped up about the creation of my long awaited blog please note that,
No:I am not engaged or getting married(as is the usual reason for having a blog)
I know I know, it would be pretty exciting and probably the wedding of the century. But you are still going to have to wait that one out for awhile longer.
I have resisted the temptation to create a blog for a long time and eventually gave into the pleading and begging from friends and family. But lets me honest, we knew my love of affair of all things Internet and wasting time at work would catch up with me and this would happen.So here is the first of the beginning of what I would like to call beautiful friendship.

My love affair with the Internet grows more and more everyday, probably due to the fact that I have my own office at work and occasionally get so bored that I search for anything and everything on the Internet. I wish I had gobs of money so that I could purchase every gold mine I find. Unfortunatly, I am poor which equals just love for a site and possibly a new and stellar website for you to check out at as blog stalker.
So here is the following website that actually inspired the my coming out:
I am sure you have all checked it out before because she gets like 2,000 hits all the time and is undeniably creative in tons of ways. So much in fact that I would have to say I have a girl crush on her as well as jealous of her amazing abilities. I love her photography, and am actually currently considering taking a photography class from her. So if you are in the state of Utah and have interest in doing this with me you should give me a holla!

And just because I can, and lets me real, if there aren't pictures or anything in this for you my blogging friend.. you wouldn't read this. I will post my new favorite thing/site of my online searching:

I love their jewelry and they are pretty inexpensive!

Well this completes my first actual blog post. I am not longer a virgin to your world. Hope you enjoyed it.


erica said...

oh girl you know I enjoyed it! I'm so happy you have a blog now. I can't read your new post every day hahahah! MISS YOU!

Dennis &Tara Larson said...

welcome to the blog world! Add us to you list.

Rakshail said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!

I too fought off the urge to start a blog for a while... Only to be sucked in! Although, mine is not at all about my personal life (I get in trouble...)


t and e said...

say-it's so good of you to join the cool people. hahaha just make sure you update so i can know whats going on when we don't talk everyday. sorry i didn't get back to you the other day my sis went into the hospital and then i flew out here, so i'm in wyoming but we are going to have another bbq right before we leave so you better come.