Tuesday, December 16, 2008

13 degrees and getting hot

Snowboarding=my secret winter time obsession.

Saturday I hit the Brighton slopes to start this Christmas season off right.

My good friend and part time celebrity accomplice Keanu and I made a great day out of the 13 degree(BRRRR) weather and snow storm that was taking place up on the mountain.

But of course we made time to pose for the ever annoying paparazzi

Met up with some of Keanu's entourage

and of course snapped some candids on the way up to the slopes.


t and e said...

um....seriously who is that? boyfriend? could be boyfriend? he's cute saybaby! we are headed to utah on monday, call me as soon as you get back from illinois baby! ahaha

t and e said...

i thought he looked familiar. oh well i love finding out who all the different people are in your pictures. yes you def. need to stay in utah for a bit. i am going to be going crazy not having a job so i will probably start to stalk you. hehe