Friday, February 13, 2009

Eat your heart out

Dear Valentine:
I wish you were here. I would treat you so good. (prob comparable to Chris Brown and Rhianna,their love is undeniable)I already have a list of fun filled loba activities we could participate in. Wanna hear em?
*I could make you a loba mix tape and we could listen to it while we drink slurps from the 7ev
*You could buy me this ring and serenade me with a song you wrote for me on your guitar
* We could go to the fair and make out on the Ferris wheel
*I would let you hold my hand in public.

* I would even let you give me a hand and foot rub while we watch a romantic comedy.

*Giggle and gossip in your heart patterned pj pants I made for you.

*Pillow fight

*Romantic dinner where we drink out of 2 straws in the same drink(people still do that right? Its not weird)

*Leave you a chocolate mint on your pillow

and definitely, definitely let you run a bubble bath with rose petals in it, for me.
I mean,that sounds like a pretty lovely V-day to me
Just a thought. So if you could get here quick and I can cancel my plans about going to a Monster Truck Jams show or my other one involving ice cream,tissues and a fire.


Bryan + Juli said...

Maybe you could put this in a personal ad... good material

erica said...

are you looking for a girl to be your valentine? because I don't know of any guys that will get in heart pj's and gossip! But I would do that with you :) haha

emilyhutchison said...

I think it's best you have no one to love you like Chris Brown loves Rihanna.