Friday, March 6, 2009

Over It

That's right I am over it.. texting that is. I miss the days when my Mom used to yell

"Phones for you!"

I mean.. really? What was more exciting? Granted we now all have caller I.D, and it is nice to know who's actually calling me so I don't have to waste my time getting excited about a lame phone call from Chase Visa or some random guy I am trying to avoid.
I used to be on the texting band wagon,but these days I am ready to call it quits. For LOTS of reasons
1.I am sick of being asked out via texts, FB or even email. Seriously grow a pair and actually call me. ( New rule-Not accepting dates that aren't on the phone or by an actual phone call)
2. Sometimes texts take twice as long as actually calling the person and getting a straight response. Really am I THAT lazy?
3. I miss the voice to voice contact
4. If your playing "catch up" with me.. I get tired of telling you my current life story in a text. That's boring and NOT fun. Plus then the fingers start to swell.
5. I am funny and like to hear you actually laugh at my jokes rather then LOL
6. You never actually know if the person got your text or are avoiding you or ignoring you.That's too many Or's for me. I don't like my odds.
7. Its become an olden days favorite, like what letters used to be. And I am still in love with getting actual mail.
So put down those keyboards folks clear your throat and upgrade your communication skills. I know I will be.

Coming to a vociemail near you......

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Cyndi said...

REALLY??? I'm shocked that you have stopped and that you are communicating a new way! Great idea!