Thursday, June 18, 2009


My blonde episodes seem to be happening a lot more as of recently( I think its the new job, I have no extra room in my brain) and actually had 2 happen just this week. I will only share 1. Mostly because I am embarrassed to share both.

For my job, at then end of the day I run the processesd orders down to have them shipped out before heading home. Which means taking the parking garage elevator down to the lobby floor and then back up to the 5th floor where my car was parked. When riding the elevator back up, I was looking over my employee handbook so when the elevator stopped I got off and rounded the corner and pulled out my keys and tried to unlock Maxine. I stood there trying to unlock her for a good 2 min only vaguely paying attention because Maxine does get a little testy now and then. I walked around to the other side of the car to then see if I could get in from the passenger side.... as I am walking around I realized I had been unlocking the wrong car.
Yes It was gold and Yes It was old but that's where it gets better. My automatic thought wasn't.. oh I must be on the wrong floor.. it was.. oh (cuss words) my dearest Maxine has been towed!!!
Just as I am about to freak out and call J.R to cry and complain that my lady has been towed away from me... I realize there is a number 2 on all the walls! I got off 3 floors early!
That will teach me to multi-task at the end of the day.

Do you have any "blonde" episodes to share?( Side note:you don't actually have to be blonde to have them)



The McLane Blog Page: said... it! I have millions of blonde moments....most in vovle trying to cook...I'll share them with you sometime!

Bryan + Juli said...

hahaha love it! Mainly I just love stories involving Maxine!