Thursday, July 16, 2009

For No one

So this post isn't really for anyone in particular besides the friends and old roommates that I used to live with up at school. My family owns my great-grandmothers home and have been renting it out to college students for years. It's very old, slightly creepy and I am pretty sure my G-Grandma died there.Despite all that, I love old homes and found it slightly charming(at least during the day) plus the no rent thing for me was a special bonus. But more then anything I had some pretty awesome times there with my friends and actually very much miss living there.

Recently the family decided to upgrade and gut this old home since its become more of a vacation home for my entire family.. and to update the inside for my cousin who is currently going to school at USU(holla!) And I have to say,its looking phenomenal. I am even half tempted to move back to to Logan and live in it again its so nice.
So this is the attempt of some "before" and "Durings" and "afters" which I know will mean nothing to anyone except people who know the humble abode.

Before(a very lame attempt but slightly funny)
(this is the FR/LR of the house)


This gem only had 1 bathroom before and it was tiny! Now it will have 3!!
More During slight
y afters....

New Entrance to E's old room,DiningR/Kitchen/Stairs, My old room-used to be baby blue and had cracking walls!

Looking in to the FR/LR, Morgy's old room, and the new upstairs bathroom.
Stairs(this used to be all peeling wallpaper),New windows,New Paint,New flooring,New doors-this is looking so good! Who wants to move back with me?
Completed Afters to come very soon!


erica said...

Remember when someone stole my watermelon lights? Or what about the time there were men just sitting in our house when we got home and we were so scared! But my favorite is still Buzz literally cutting a rug with his amazing dance skills!

Sayward said...

I still don't know what happened to those damn lights....
or the time Skinner's Bro slept on our couch and watched the Disney channel.
Or the time we tried to have a party and it totally bombed and we just went to our neighbors instead?
Or the time we came home from work and caught Morgy dancing in the living room and she was all sweaty?

Morgielouwho said...

Lots of good memories in that place. its so fancy now its kinda crazy.