Monday, August 24, 2009

Best Weekend Ever

So the doing nothing part was out....
Know the best part about this weekend?


Went and saw a Prince cover band! You "heard" me, I said a Prince! I can see how lead singers have groupies now. We made eye contact and he even pointed at me like 3 times. Can't tell you how shy and excited I got and he's not even the real Prince!

Then I hit up the Bee's game with some lovely ladies and did the fireworks thing. You know the best part? It ended up being free! Yep, once again my celebrity status made things happen.
Sunday was also filled with some excitement involving dirt,rain,deer,an abandoned cabin and peeing in the wilderness. Would you like to hear more?


Bryan + Juli said...

What's with the man in gray and black touching everyone?! Sounds like an AWESOME weekend where you did a lot of soul searching and decided your calling in life... become a cover band groupie!

Sayward said...

He's just loving everyone okay Juli? H is full of feelings.. and needed to share them.
I KNOW! Sign me up, I will follow them till the ends of the earth

erica said...

I feel like that kid is like the Giver and he's just passing on the memories of the town to the everyone!

Sayward said...

well .. now that I think about it.. I did walk away thinking I was a guy for 5 min. That was awkward. The girl I grinded on didn't appreciate it much.