Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No one in particular

Once again this post prob only applies to the old roomies in my life who want to see the update of our old digs.(and my G-Grandmothers old house) I went up to Log-Log and saw it in person!. It looks sooo good!(including all the old furniture I hauled up 2 flights of stairs)
I love old homes re-modeled, and the designer and contractor did a GREAT job restoring this old home. She used all the old doors and some cabinets and detailing. The furniture is all seriously vintage and each uniquely fits into each room-plus furniture back then was made SO much better!(so those suckers are heavy!)
I would love to pack a cute hubby and little kiddies into this place.
Maybe in 30 years?

The Sister showing how big the new bathroom cabinets are(not implying she is big, just that it fits a human)

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to the paper egg said...

Brittney is so big! haha