Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A reminder

In why my friends are better then most!(please excuse the bad typing edict)

whatev what if a hot guy leaves his number for you on a napkin?
me: ha ha
ummm,that will likely not happen okay E
Erica: hahah well I'm just sayin it could!
negative nelly!
me: ahahha
well... we'll see
i am not counting on that.just need the money.hopeflully he'll just tip really well.
plus i would never call.
Erica: haha I probably wouldn't either
well maybe it will go more like this...
so what are you doing after work? When do you get off hot cakes?
me: oh a scenario
i like those
not the hot cakes part though
Erica: hahahah sweet tits?
is that better?


Bryan + Juli said...

Sweet tits... classy if a hot guy pulls that line all signals are go! E is pretty good with the scenarios this might be one from her personal role playing book! holla!

erica said...

Well I can't take all the credit...that may or may not be Blaine's nickname for me! haha ;)