Monday, September 7, 2009

Did you hear the one about the 2 blondes in the balloon?

To our great horror by the time we made it out to Antelope Island, they were already deflating the hot air balloons due to bogus weather conditions(gasp) After our cry fest and sobbing in public we decided to take a photo opp with a plastic buffalo(which then the professional photogs there decided to get pictures of to) and flirted with the old men who owned the hot air balloons so that they would let us take a few candids in their baskets(that's what she said) We enjoyed some(much to my delight) a funnel cake while listening to Utah's own "Keith Urban". Don't worry, we were enough entertainment for all the families and old couples there. They liked us. Next time we'll have to remember to bring a husband or a child or two.
In the end its what I would call a Friday night success. Plus the fact that it smelled like an egg fart on our way out and back.

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Bryan + Juli said...

Sad! I was hoping you'd get to go up in the balloon! You'll get 'em next time Smelly!