Friday, September 25, 2009

A year older, A year Wiser

Happy Birthday to my roommate and friend Miss Hol! Isn't she just so cute? We took her out to celebrate her big 2-5 at a nice restaurant downtown with lots of her dear friends! She kept telling me all day how she looked like a homeless person and wasn't dressed up nice enough... she's a liar!Hope you had a good birthday Hol! !Love you!
Dalton requested a picture with me and my dress because he loved it so much. I agree.. I love my dress too, it's shiny.


Morgielouwho said...

what restaurant is this?

Sayward said...

It was called Caffe Molise
It was a little overpriced in my opinion but still pretty good.

erica said...

I'm sure Holly loved that you added the homeless part to the story!