Tuesday, October 6, 2009

All grown up

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My lil bro Robbie just got called to serve an LDS mission in Osorno Chile! Crazy that he is THAT old, even weirder is that I am really that old. He'll be gone for 2 years out serving the Lord and the LDS church. I am so excited and nervous for him. I hear there are penguins.Maybe he can bring me back one to play with. So proud Bubba! :)


Natalie J. said...

Hey cute girl...the more I read your blog the more we seem so much alike! ha ha! I love the hills too! You need to feel me in on the John stuff...you two together or just hang together? Thats cool if you do!

erica said...

Oh freak lil Robbie is all grown up--or at least he's on his way! haha :) This is exciting news for the Blotters!!

Bryan + Juli said...

Awww Robbie off on a mission!! Elder Blotter! Love it!