Sunday, November 1, 2009

Where did Halloween go?

I swear the older you get the less it feels like Halloween. Which makes me sad, at least till you have kids and they get to dress up and get you free candy. That day is going to be SWEEET!
This year I got to go to the Salt Lake City Real Soccer playoffs game. SO fun! There was a bunch of people there and it was fun to see what people dressed up as. I of course came as "girl in scarf"
Julia was "girl n pea coat" We rocked it

The most Hallo-weenie( I said weenie) part of the night was when the Thriller song came on during dinner and our friend Justin jumped in for a $1. Best $1 I ever spent. (if you listen close you can hear me laughing hysterically)


Aonika and Richard said...

Too Funny !! I am glad that you dressed up as "Girl in Scarf" - you could have been so many other things, but THAT one is classic! LOVE IT!

Bryan + Juli said...

Ohhh I miss Halloween... really where did it go? Can't wait to make some kids so they can bring me bags and bags of free candy... for now I guess I'll have to buy my own bah!

erica said...

looking sexy in that costume girl. Way to rock a scarf...sooo scary! :)