Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dearest Sunshine,

For what seems like years now we have found over my love of you and your tender warm embrace. I mark down calendars in hopes to see your golden face again. I crave the glow and happiness that bubbles up inside me when you start to poke your golden head through the chilly clouds in hopes that this glimpse of you means warmer weather will fall sooner.

I must ask you then, why you despise me as much you do?Every year I bask in your light and every year you torment me by burning my skin beyond recognition. Which results in many sleepless nights, countless bottles of ointment and a deep disappointment as well as a flood of new freckles. Why can't you be gentle on my pale skin that adores you so much. Just soften your harsh rays for me so I at least stand a chance of earning a golden tan. I have so many dreams, that one day you will allow me to accomplish this task. And so far... nothing has changed.

Oh Sunshine I will love you no matter where you are, or your form but please help out a poor Swedish girl. Maybe its not to late for you to hear my plea's

Yours Truly
Sass A Frass

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erica said...

hahah oh so now you really are Swedish???