Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hey Hey Mexico

Lover Boy and I spent a week in Paradise and it was heaven. A great full week of buffet food, sun,sleeping in,beach time,wave surfing,zip lines, a mini cooper, more sleeping in and lots and lots of hand holding and kissing! We had a great time, just wish Mexico wasn't so expensive. Yes I said it,expensive! We ended up buying our gifts from the hotel gift shop because all the locals kept trying to rip us off. We ended up getting some great deals though. We think a friendcation might be in order to Mexico at some point-since all the husbands can speak Spanish!


Zach Amy Ruger and Ryder said...

love it...u guys are one hot couple

erica said...

Oh I'm sure the locals could tell you guys were on your honeymoon! haha

And count me in for the friendcation! My great bartering skills will be a great asset to the group to get cheap souvenirs! I'll just tell uncle Jorge to knock it off or else I'll tell mom to stop sending money back home to him!

Bryan + Juli said...

Hahaha love E's comment! Oh and I second this idea just let me get the fetus that's currently living in me out first ok?!