Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Merry Good Time

Just a small taste of our 1st Christmas as newlyweds.We got to spend time with my family this year. We spent lots of time eating and hanging out and playing lots of games! We were spoiled this year by both of our families and feel incredibly blessed. Now its on to the final countdown for our newest addition. We are excited,nervous,anxious,worn out and happy that we only have 13 days(fingers crossed) left. I have reached the whale baby stage and hate wearing real clothes-hence my grubby attire in all the pictures.I just can't wait to lose the "gut" and have him in my arms.
Name Update:
We are a little closer to deciding. We are down to our final 4-Lover Boy is leaning towards one in particular but we'll know for sure once He gets here!

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