Friday, July 29, 2011

Baby is 6 months

I say what? Yep, you read me right. I said 6 months! Too crazy to be true. This boy is growing and growing  fast. I seriously say that every month post I do. But seriously... wish the baby phase lasted just a year longer. I am not ready to call my baby a toddler in 6 more months. BOO freaking HOO!
That being said I do love and I mean LOVE all the things Baby A can do.
Awesome Facts:
 He rolls in both directions like a pro. 
He laughs a ton and is constantly flashing the grin at anyone who is looking his way. 
He is always,always moving.We believe he is trying to figure out the whole crawling/walking thing.
Loves to eat and is now starting to eat Phase 2 foods and Mum-Mums(Australian baby snack)
Likes to swing outside and play in the grass
Doesn't mind hanging out in his big old playpen(Thanks Nana Janet)
Wears 6-9 month clothes now
Enjoys the water, like.... alot! Even baths now!
Is still an awesome- possum sleeper
Loves,Loves books. No really, you even just pull out a book and he starts diving for it.
Has started to notice all the animals in the house. He especially seems to dig Rhett which I actually think Rhett hates. I am sure being tugged at and having someone hit you in the face isn't pleasant. (just you wait Rhett)
Still prefers sleeping on his tummy and sucking his thumb
Laughs his little head off whenever Da-Da plays with him. 
Yep the boy says "Da-Da". We are 99% sure he has no idea what it means but LB likes to pretend its his first word. I am still rooting for Ma-Ma.
Reaches for me now when he is hungry or tired. Which of course I absolutely cannot get enough of.
Like most babies he is obsessed with electronics. Any laptop,phone or remote within grabbing distance, you can bet will be snatched by this one.
Enjoys a little naked time. This boy could be fussy and crying and as soon as you take off his clothes his whole attitude changes. Smiles out the wa-zoo! So we make sure to give him plenty of it.
Is starting to likes balls.A friend of ours let him play with theirs at the pool and since Baby A has become obsessed with them.
Took his first "longer" road trip up to Idaho and did pretty well.

 I am pretty sure Heavenly Father sent us the wrong baby because he is too good to be true. I am so grateful that he did though. Not sure what I have done to deserve such a chill and happy baby. Can't say we hate hearing every other day how awesome our child is. Especially from strangers or people at church who ask to hold him. Maybe I should be worried.I tell LB that maybe we should just stop while we are ahead. We already have a perfect baby. I am pretty sure all bets are off with the next one.


britt said...

I love my Smascher! And miss him terribly! I think its time for us to get together again!

SassAFrass said...

I agree miss Britt! We def need to arrange a play date with you and Boe!

erica said...

Oh my word look at his sweet little face. I love the first picture he's just growing up so fast.

Cherrish those sweet little perfect baby days...I used to have a sweet, perfect little baby too! And then he turned 18 mo! haha

I need to get some Ascher time in soon! Miss you!

SassAFrass said...

Well my friend there is a rumor swirling in my underground that you might be getting alot of Ascher time pretty soon! :) That's all I am going to say.Miss you friend

erica said...

whhhhhhhaaaaatttttttt! don't tease me like that! you've already broken my heart once with such rumors!

SassAFrass said...

HA HA I know. But I have been informed by my source that its about a 8/9 out of 10 chance. ... so we'll see. I don't want to say 10 out 10 till money is being dropped though.