Saturday, July 2, 2011

A name & A blessing

Last Sunday Lover Boy was able to give Baby A a name & a blessing. We had a great turnout and I actually think we shocked the ward a little bit when 10 plus men stood up to bless him. (LB as XL sized family)We actually had to have 4 guys sit down because there was not enough room at the front for them to all fit. LB did an amazing job. So much so that he made this one(thumb gesture at myself) tear up. After the blessing we invited friends and family back to have a little potato bar lunch. YUM! Check out Baby A's awesome blessing outfit topped off with a mow-hawk!


Julia Sanders said...

That was such a great weekend, though in all honesty I think it was about 20-30 guys that stood up to bless Ascher. Kinda awesome.

Anonymous said...

wish we could have made it! It sounds perfect!