Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Thank you's

Dedicated to Baby A

Thank You........

-For the 16 hour sleep the other night- Mama needed some rest.
-For the happy smiles that greet me every time I go in to get you from your room.
-Keeping me humble with the MULTIPLE diaper changes everyday
-Being a tough boy when you hurt yourself. Similar to Superman which makes Dad proud.
-For waking up at 6am this morning,drinking a bottle,getting SUPER hyper and then spitting it up all over me including my mane.(I smell lovely now)
-For sharing your snacks with the dogs. Mama thinks its gross but they love you for it.
-Not being able to walk just yet....... I am not prepared
-For being easily amused so that Mama can take showers,get dressed, eat etc.
-For taking bottles SO well. Its almost like you don't miss nursing.
-Still liking to snuggle with me anytime you are tired or not feeling well. I know it won't last too much longer
-Making me realize just how valuable each moment I have with you is.
-To A's amazing Nana who loves him so much that she is always willing to watch him when Mom and Dad need a break.

Love you Bugi!

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