Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We've got a monster in the house!

1-eyed, 2 horned,blue people eater!
Holidays just get more and more fun when you have some babes to start enjoying the holidays with you. While Baby A didn't actually enjoy wearing his costume very much,I sure loved looking at him in it. I dragged took him to a bunch of Halloween festivities this past weekend and again yesterday at LB's work.  Can't wait till next year when we can actually go trick or treating together. Which brings up another point. Where have all the trick or treater's gone? I remember being out for HOURS when I was a kid. We had pillowcases instead of buckets or bags to hold all our loot. I have been disappointed over the past 5 years(yes 5 years) that every place I live we hardly get (if any) trick or treater's. Thats it, I am bringing it back!! Watch out future family neighborhoods-we're coming for your candy!! Who's with me?


Kelsie said...

Oh he looks so adorable!! The costume worked out perfect!

SassAFrass said...

I know, thanks to you and your hook ups! Thanks again. I loved how it looked on him.

Jenny said...

I'm totally with you! I don't get why people won't trick or treat anymore. If you use common sense, it can be really fun AND safe. My kids had a blast doing traditional trick or treating this year (along with a trunk or treat).