Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Taking a moment

Christmas eve, during our  family dinner we started to hear helicopters flying close by. My husband went out on to the porch and looked up and saw several helicopters flying low over the house and farm with their spot lights on. We immediately thought there must be someone out on the property that they are searching for-so we locked the doors,closed the blinds and turned on the news waiting for a report while my sister-in law and her husband rushed down to check on their house. While they were down there they could see the main road that our lane is off of , full of police cars,ambulance and 3 helicopters flying around.
There had been a horrific accent involving a young family that had been hit head on by a suburban.
Over the next few days we would continually check on their progress online and watching the news.
It broke our hears to hear that their 18 month old son passed away on Christmas day.  I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and loss their family is feeling. Especially the mom.
The family continues to be in and out of multiple surgeries a day but the latest report expects the rest of the family to survive.
To read some of the news coverage click here
To make a donation on their behalf please click here
Please keep this family in your prayers and thoughts.


Zach Amy Ruger and Ryder said...

Oh that is so sad! My heart aches for that young family

Kendra said...

I read about this somewhere else. I can't believe this was so close to you. How heartbreaking.