Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lets get real

I am not dainty or petite(unless you count my cup size)
I have a small tire around my middle that I am still slowly trying to lose( I thank my adorable son for that one) For that reason, you can typically find me in sweats and baggy t-shirts.
I have freckles and pick my finger nails when I am nervous,stressed or bored.
We live on a tight budget and pass up numerous things on our "want" list. I have a very hard time buying anything (and I mean anything) that is not on sale or I don't have a coupon for.
We don't own anything fancy,unless you count my wedding dress hanging in the closet from 2 years ago that should still be professionally cleaned again at some point.

But we have love and laughter.We have family and kindness. We play and relax.
We have support and jokes as well as a very fun and sweet (almost)1 year old.
My husband tells me I am beautiful(most days)
I have a child who is healthy with kissable cheeks.And who's face lights up every time I retrieve him from his crib.

Some days I need the reminder that money isn't everything and it
"can't buy you happiness" or that I don't have to be a size 5 ever again (yes that's that smallest I get)
But more often then not, I wake up motivated to make my baby laugh or to show my husband I love him by making him a delicious dinner or folding his underpants.
We have a long,long future planned together and I am going to make the most of every day we get.


Jenny said...

LOVE! I totally get this. It can be hard sometimes when you are so tight, but it really helps to remember how truly blessed you are. I am trying to do that, too, even with having to go to a laundromat (hey, at least I have clothes, a pretty easy way to clean them, and I don't have to dodge bullets to get there, right?!).

britt said...

I have to post a comment because I love these pictures especially the one of you 2! you 2 are adorable I love it so much! You can see the pure joy and happiness he has being with mommy!

Vivian said...

Kids are the reason why we don't have nice thins in my home, even if we could afford it I would not even try it. We are happy. My kids LOVE our home and the best part it's the hang out place for all their friends and our friends, too. You look great by the way!

Jessi said...

Loved this post. It really hits home, as John and I both got our hours cut at work and were already poor to begin with. But we don't really feel poor. I mean, yes, I shop at the D.I., but I probably would if we had money! You inspire me, sis, and I am so glad you blog. I love yours so much and am so glad we can keep in touch. Your family is so yummy.


dear olive said...

It's good to remember what's actually important in life. Enjoy making that lovely little man of yours laugh! Kellie xx

Christine said...

Love this! My husband and I are both students so we don't have much moolah either. But like you said, money can't buy happiness. In some ways I feel {maybe wishful thinking?} like having less material wealth helps us to focus more on our family and the simple joys in life.

erica said...

just what I needed! love you!