Friday, March 9, 2012

3 weeks!!

1.The sleeping "alone" thing is totally overrated.
2.Single-parenthood is hard(I totally relate now, Teen Moms)
3.Letters are super romantic, kinda like the Notebook(What! What!) But real life romance is 100% better.
4.I need to step up my game so I can look super-hot in 3 weeks. Pretty sure LB is going to look like a real-life Ken doll and we can't have me looking like a Flabby Kathy when he does.
5.Came home from Chicago to some pretty awesome and belated V-day roses from the hubs. Major sweet right? He's the best, which is why I made him my forever.
and 6. I have a big surprise for LB that involves Baby A in a big way. More like its his surprise for dad.
ps. Because I am sick with a cold and having a super sentimental day missing LB I posted our pre-wedding and wedding video on my Just Us page. Check it out if you want. Video done by our super awesome friend Heidi Adams



Mamasita said...

what?! a surprise?! i must know!!!! :) spill the beans!
have a great weekend!

erica said...

Please don't compare yourself to Teen Mom! hahah I love that wedding vid! Wish I had one of my own, and that song so reminds me of you! And what about how I forgot that Juli and I walked down the isle together? Favorite moment of that day! Oh man I just seriously MISS YOU!!!!