Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Chris-ma-ka(man I miss the OC)

The way I figure it, the holidays are about all fleece jammies, socks,lights, hot chocolate, family together-ness, cuddles around a fire or heat vent(or what have you) ,delicious food,cards,occasional snow,Christmas lights,singing, and family announcements. You know like-
"We're engaged"
"Graduated college"
"We've moved"
"I lost 50 lbs"
you know that sort of typical stuff.
 Well in honor of that tradition and to jump on this announcement wagon with the rest of the smiling happy people we also have one.
 Though I am sure at this point in my post you have already guessed or even scrolled down to avoid reading this.

That's fair.

 We are once again....... PREGNANT!

I mean REALLY pregnant.
As in I am growing not just 1 life in my uterus but 2.

The Lord has decided that he loves to send us lots of surprises. He doesn't like us to feel too over-prepared or something.
Now I KNOW he has a sense of humor.
 Other then feeling completely over-whelmed with, well, everything. And being extremely sick with morning sickness and fatigue. We are excited for this new adventure and increasing our family size by 2. Making us a solid 5.
A number where our children will officially outnumber us.We'll have a car packed full of car-seats and we'll have a home over-run with toys,clothes,diapers and laundry. If you don't see me for about 2 years,send in a search party.
(no this is not a Christmas joke for those wondering)
(ps. fertility drugs were also not used in the producing of these twins. Its like....genetics or something.I blame my mom.Love you Mom!!)


carol said...


Aonika Russell said...

OMG - Congratulations! We were wondering what was up considering the Pinterest activities ... :) This is TOTALLY unexpected but we are all so happy for you !!

Tarah Peacock said...

Yay!!!!! What an amazing way to announce it.

Mike and Janae said...

WoW! congratutlations!!! How exciting!

Melissa Knott said...

Congratulations!!! What an exciting adventure! Being a twin... with an older brother... I feel I can say HAVE FUN! I love every bit of my siblings and my parents always said they had fun too. What a blessing.

erica said...

can't wait to hold those sweet babies...I'm going to attempt to hold them both at once! So happy for you little momma with all the babes! Love you Smelly! Merry Christmas!