Friday, May 17, 2013

35 weeks

Yes I have made it past the glorified 30 week stage and no bed rest for me!! I am pretty pumped about that although I found out today at my OB appointment that both girls are almost weighing in 6 lbs each.
5 15 and 5 10 to be accurate. While I am thrilled that they are both looking like they will be a healthy weight when they are born... I can tell you my body and my emotions are quite done with this pregnancy. 
Baby A is head down which is great news for me! That means they can induce me at 38 weeks!!
You have no idea how much I wanted to smother my OB with kisses when she told me that. Carrying that much baby around is hard. Not a fan.
So unless these girls decide to come on their own earlier then that I'll hopefully be pushing them out the first week of June. 
Light at the end of this VERY LARGE tunnel.
Being pregnant with twins has been such an experience. I have been much more emotional this pregnancy and tend to get very frustrated at the lack of things I can't seem manage to do for myself these days. Even taking my coveted baths have become too much of a chore.

On an adorable and happy mommy note Ascher loves to talk about his baby sisters and point to my stomach or give my stomach pats or kisses and say "hello babies". I melt every time. I know he doesn't actually get it, but I love it anyways.


Mike and Janae said...

You truly look amazing! Congratulations on making it so far! They are going to be so healthy!

Shurtliff Family said...

You are looking amazing! I seriously can't believe you have TWO in there! You totally do not look it. Your long torso makes them some lucky twins!

erica said...

Never seen a tinier twin pregnancy! Way to make having twins look hot! Love you!