Monday, June 10, 2013

Meet our girls!!

Our little ladies were born June 6th 2013 (yes the date stamp on the photos is incorrect)
At 5:02pm Piper Janet was born 6 lb 10 ounces ,20 inches long followed 11 min later by her sister at
5:13 pm.Sage Cynthia was born at 6 lbs 14 ounces,20 inches long
(Both are named after their Grandmas)
We are loving our little ladies and Ascher is already such a great big brother! He loves to look at them and tell us where their eyes and ears are. He also likes to  tell us there are just "SO many babies"


Shurtliff Family said...

YAY! The ladies made their debut! Gorgeous momma, gorgeous babies! I love it when they are curled up together. Looks like the A man is going to be the best big brother. He's so chill, it's like he's meant to twins! ;) Wish you the best with everything. Keep the pictures a comin'!

Shurtliff Family said...

*meant for

The McLane Blog Page: said...

adorable! congrats again!