Thursday, August 1, 2013

My littles

these moments were perfectly captured by my sister -in -law Kelsie when she came to pay us a visit down in AZ! Toddler A loves his sisters,cars and  not posing for the camera so this was perfectly him!! Can't wait to blow some up and frame it  in our house. I also can't wait to see these kiddos grow together. Fingers crossed that they will all be best buds. I think Ascher is impatiently waiting for them to grow up so he doesn't have to play with just boring old Mom anymore. Words cannot express how much my heart has grown with each of my children .i go to bed each night deeply thankful that these sweet spirits are ours forever.



Julia Sanders said...

This picture is so perfect!

Krista said...

I.Love.Them!! So so so much I love them. And I miss Ascher man so much. :( He was always so entertaining. :)

erica said...

So sweet! Baby legs make the best ramps! ;)