Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Man Games 2008

A smattering of my weekend O fun at Man Games 2008

Check out those hot shorts.Rickdickulus knows what the fellas like.

Heidi's and my fish were the biggest ones on this rope. Ricky is pissed and telling us to get the "heck" out of his sight.

But then he remembered he caught a fish too and was happy again.

Where we camped out for 1 night,two glorious days.
Side note-The funny part of this weekend is that this drive should only take 2 hours. It took us 6 hours to get there the first night! We could have just gone to VEGAS! Too bad Ricky doesn't drive a more masculine car.


erica said...

Oooohhh ricky's I love you! And what you think you are BA now fishin around town? Whatev girl!

PS-did Ricky propose to you yet?

Bryan + Juli said...

I love this post with all of my heart! This might be the best part of my day today! Also, I'm with Erica I'd like to know if Ricky has purposed and when the glorious day will occur?

Saydi said...

Let me address your questions,comments:
Yes I am BA now E, with my fishing skills. Its not my fault fish are attracted to me and my sweet spirit.
And no Ricky has not proposed yet. I think he is still waiting till he saves up enough money to buy me the rock I want and deserve. But you could prob plan on Sep still and make sure you buy something Barney purple.
Thank you and have a great day