Thursday, August 21, 2008

Brian Regan date night

This past weekend my hilarious good friend Rickdickulous asked me to accompany him to a Brian Regan stand up concert at Thanksgiving Point.Before he even finished asking me I had said YES! For many reasons:
#1 Being, anyone who knows me knows I love Brian Regan and have been waiting literally 2-3 years to see him live
#2 I find him to be a magnificent human(Brian Regan and Ricky of course)
#3 It was an outside stand up concert,love summer,love Utah right now.

He had a lead comic before him,who was pretty funny but I actually fell asleep through. That just tells you how tired I get these days. But I was wide awake for dear old Brian and he didn't disappoint.

Whenever I hang out with Ricky,spontaneous leg wrestling seems to occur. I think he likes to show off his moves.

Seriously,if you don't know who he is you should consider looking into him. Would I steer you wrong?


erica said...

I heard Brian Regan is awesome live...a little jealous!

kenz said...

Hey Sayward its Kenz! I am so glad you found my blog! Thx for leaving a msg. We were supposed to go to Brian Regan, i was so mad when we couldn't. I bet it was awesome. It looks like your doing well! I hope so, keep visiting :)