Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tips for the inexperienced

These are things I learned this weekend up in Strawberry Reservoir, and good things to take notes of.

*Wear googles on the 4-wheeler. Otherwise be prepared for the painful sting in your eyes and not being able to see ANYTHING

*Wipe your face before posing for the camera after a long ride-you WILL have a dirty bird stache(obviously I didn't get the memo)

*Maybe wear a helmet, I hear that protect

* Don't follow the leader, you may wind up on your back looking up at the 4-wheeler coming back on top of you

*Do go with burly men who can push big machines away or off of you

*Wear clean underwear


Zach Amy and Ruger said...

haha sounds fun!!!

erica said...

aww my dad would take me to Strawberry Lake when I was little to go fishing! And don't play it off like you normally don't have a mustache! Nice try Smelly!

Gilstrap Family said...

sounds like you had a pretty traumatic experience on the 4 wheelers...why does that not surprise me.