Monday, September 22, 2008

Besties and Parties

Guess who was back in town? The Turnie's! Sweet Brad Pitt's Toosh!It's always exciting when me and the besties(along with their hubby's) get together for some fun. I am so pleased they married well and to such awesome individuals,so I don't mind if they tag along.

Dinner at Cafe Sabor with friends

Whats a weekend in SLC with out a party? This weekend we celebrated Hol's 24th birthday. She put up with my obviously classy ideas and wore a crown whenever pictures were being taken(not before or after) and let each of us give her,her birthday spankin's! We also had dinner before hand at the classy(DUH) Melting Pot Restaurant where we tried duck for the very first time. I couldn't even really tell what it was when I ate mine, but Hol girl hated it.

New roommates(the lord brought us together.. or LDS Housing)

Posing for the camera

What really happened


erica said...

Are you sure you can handle living in SLC...seems like too much fun for you!

t and e said...

your hair looks freakin' long. and who is the boy you are sitting next too at dinner (you are in the purple shirt)-um i need some explanations, come on!

Zach Amy and Ruger said...

haha i know what you mean by bestie's now....

emilyhutchison said...

Who is that boy with glasses?? He is a total babe.