Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pink Coat-Show yourself

Temple Square officially opened it's Christmas light gates this weekend and I joined in on the fun along with the rest of the state of Utah!

I even ran into my cousins there!

And Holly... Ha(j/k) we actually went together.

I even made some time to try my hand at a proposal. No luck-still single!


BrockandBonnieRiley said...

I love the jackets you and Holly are wearing, you look like you came from a Banana Republic magazine!

t and e said...

Cute jacket, where did you get it? Yeah you will need it when you come to Chicago, it's freakin cold here and snowy as ever. I hope to see you after you come back, we are moving back to utah. so you better give me a call.

erica said...

love the coat and the hat. just the other day i was wishing i had a hat like that. remember that one picture of you where you are wearing a baseball hat and you look like the girl from jurasic park??? HAHAHAHAHA