Wednesday, November 26, 2008

T stands for Thanks-full & 10

That's right- I said Thanks-full! Its hip,its new,its what I do.

Here's my 10 things I am Thanks-full for this Holiday season

1. The day off-who doesn't enjoy a day off to sleep in,watch Christmas movies and not have to shower till noon(or not shower at all)

2. The random and thoughtful invites to Thanksgiving that you receive. I even received one today from a friends father(mind you this friend is now married with a wife of his own)

3. Awkward family time-nothing is complete without a little indulged family time that you would normally not have with uncles,aunts and cousins you don't normally see

4. The food! What better reason do you have to stuff your face and the best part is NO ONE can really say anything about it.Diets and portion control go out in the window.-bring on the belly ache!!

5. Pie-yes it even gets it's own number on my list. Cause I heart it. You can't really eat pumpkin pie in the middle of summer.

6. Your officially allowed to break out Christmas movies, music,decorations and sweaters(we all have em') And lets be honest, we are all dying to set up and move on to Christmas when Halloween comes around.

7. Black Friday-Now I have never officially up held this tradition yet. But I plan to try it out this this Thanksgiving night at midnight. Already packed my brass knuckles.

8. All the good movies that seem to mostly come out during the holiday seasons!

9. The Thanksgiving nap which happens after dinner on the carpeted floor in your old sweats with the elastic waist pant(or better yet, no pants at all)

10. AND...It means I officially have less then a month till I get to be home with the rentals',the sibs,the in-laws ,the Ruge,and my animals!

Happy Thanksgiving ALL!!

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erica said...

right now i'm picturing you with a full belly, no pants and brass knuckles! THANKS for the visual!