Friday, January 2, 2009

Are we really already done with 2008?Life seems to move much too fast when there is no school to make it feel slower. Maybe I should go back, I can't seem to keep up otherwise.
As there is every year ;there were the usual disappointments but great surprises and new friendships and good times to be found!
2008 in a nutshell

I visited The Winwards in AZ
Survived another Utah winter

Snowboarded the Beav!

Hung out with the besties!

Another year older,another year wiser
Hung out by the pool... ALOT~
Saw some OLD friends
Went to some SLC Bees games(who doesn't like free right?)
Got a little chubby from smores and sang Chum-bah-ya with friends around bonfires

A spontaneous trip to Cali to see Keanu
Discovered I am a fish whisperer
Participated in Man Games
Saw Brian Regan live with one of my favorite humans
Learned how to rock climb

Hung out with the besties again! Man I wish they all lived closer.
Did the family trip to Door--county Wisn for Richard's birthday!
Made THRILLER a Halloween tradition
Went to a pajama party
Named 10 things I heart about Thanksgiving
Went to temple square and saw the lights
Boarding with Baba
Ackerman Christmas Party where I discovered the new meaning of Christmas-Utah Rap
Home for the holidays with a photoshoot(photos to come later!)
That ends the 2008 roundup
Hope yours was as fabulicious as mine


erica said...

You look so pretty in the coral dress (at a wedding maybe?)! I wish we lived closer too!

t and e said...

haha i tried to leave a comment yesterday but my computer was being dumb and i was going to say the same thing as erica. you seriously look awesome! sorry about the lunch thing, but now that the weather is good maybe we could meet half way tomorrow or something. let me know!