Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Deja Vu

Today is my last day at Icon-which as resulted in mixed feelings.
I have been surprisingly positive about it though,which seems to impress my boss.(weird right?)
Don't get me wrong,looking for a new job and deciding what to do next is completely overwhelming and not fun. But I see this as a challenge and I am better for it,plus I feel like I am very blessed and have something even better coming my way.(seems strange to even write that.)

I will def miss some of my co-workers (mostly this girl)and the some of what I did.. and of course being able to gchat with E and Holly most of the day. How many jobs are that relaxed that you can do that? I will prob never find it again either.

But there's alot to look forward to:
New career change(hopefully something to do with my actual major)
The Winwards moving to Utah in 2 weeks
E coming out to visit in 2 weeks for a girls weekend! Holler
I hope that even during these economic times you can find something to be just as happy about!


erica said...

Way to have a positive attitude! It's hard not to get down with all of the challenges with the economy. But there's a reason we have trials huh! Good luck in the job hunt. But maybe don't get a job before I get there so we can party hard!

Britt said...

Hey saydi lou! Im so sorry about your job that stinks. if you need some cheering up i will come in a heartbeat and we can go to some fun girlie things! like get massages or go shopping. i know that something better will come along. i miss you lots and love you tons!

BrockandBonnieRiley said...

You're seriously such a great person, I really admire you for your positive attitude. And I do belive you that something good is coming your way and this will be just part of the process. But it doesn't change the fact that I'll miss you like crazy!! Best of luck.

Oh and Gladys is pretty ticked that you didn't say goodbye not to mention the fact that you put a picture of her boyfriend on your blog with his pants down...

The Lotts said...

I know what you mean about mixed feelings. I'm so grateful I have a job, but it really isnt fun. Good luck with the job hunt.