Thursday, July 23, 2009


Yes my score was 191-which may not seem that impressive considering it was 2 games. But I was proud. And yes my name was Poopy Pants. Let it be noted I didn't give myself that name and I have no idea why that was me. It must be because they really miss me in their daily lives.

It's okay guys, I missed you too!!


Bryan + Juli said...

Poopy Pants... I'm liking it! And I'm thinking your skill level in bowling would be approximately equal to mine so perhaps we should start a league when we get old, just think of the possibilities... By the by I absolutely love the face Ricky is making in the second pic! Classic!

Natalie J. said...

Hey, I am glad you found my blog! We should for sure be blog friends! How are things going? You still dating John?