Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How many of us have them?

I miss them today!
I may break out the sweats,
Beyonce moves
chocolate and
watch re-runs of the Hills just in memory of them!


erica said...

Aww don't make me cry! I miss you girls more than anything in the world right now. We need to have a BFF weekend getaway stat!

Bryan + Juli said...

I strongly agree... I've been very sad and homesick for my best friends...incase you couldn't tell by the sappy quote and pic which found it's way onto my blog :( Why do western states have to be so big? I mean the states we're all going to be in touch, but we're still a good day's drive away from eachother! Can we please skip to the part in life where we all live in the same town again I can't handle this anymore!

Sayward said...

We def need to ALL play again soon. Good thing E is Prego cause that guarantees we all have to get together sometime.