Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Isn't E the cutest Prego you have ever saw?
Denver was awesome and it was nice to get a little vacation in before the holidays. Plus(BONUS) got to play with the besties! I have missed them,its non stop comedy hr with them. I also learned I am a 90 yr old with Alzheimer's at heart. My naps and forgetful- ness was OUTTA control on this trip. Every sec I could squeeze a nap in , I was out.
Just wish we all lived a little closer. Only in my day dreams.... for now :)
Can't wait for baby T to just get here!


erica said...

You guys are amazing best friends! Thank you for coming all the way out to Denver for a baby shower! And thanks for the boob pump...LOVE IT!

Bryan + Juli said...

Haha oh man love you guys! Oh and no prob E you know we're always good for a boob pump! ;)I mean what are besties for?

Natalie J. said...

You look gorgeous! So fun to hang with friends...we all need that therapy every now and again!