Monday, October 26, 2009

I love him

Especially when he is snuggled up to me. He makes the best cuddler! Foof is proud to have a grandpuppy.
His birth name is after an old "celebrity" crush if you will. Actually its after 1 of my all time favorite books. Gone with the wind. Out of guess's yet?
The dashing Rhett Butler!


Aonika and Richard said...

He is JUST so dang cute!! :) You should see if they will let you bring him to work!

Morgielouwho said...


Clayton said...

You were talking about the puppy? Rude.

Sayward said...

Sorry Tong, I couldn't find a recent snapshot us. Plus you know how much I love the little guy.
PS he's pissed you have not come to visit him. Swine Flu is no excuse