Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Little Blessings

2010 has brought some awesome changes and experiences to my life thus far. Its also made it incredibly busy! I have started to take notes and leave post-its around so that I can keep track of what to do that day(damn memory loss)
With all of this I have seen some truly amazing little and big blessings in my life.
A small list of a few of them
1. My man moved into and is going to be managing some apartments for the company he works for. Which also means free rent. Which also means eventually free rent for me too. Hooray!
2. Our little one Rhett is no longer a "male" He's now more of an It. Yes that's right, I took the leap and we parted ways with Rhett's manly hood this past weekend. My uncle is a vet so we took Rhett to him. Best idea ever! My uncle set him up with all his extra shots he needed and took care of the clipping and didn't charge me anything! Families are great!
3. My sister and brother -in law's kids were starting to get a little sick(bad news alert) and so they gave The Man and I their free tickets to the Jazz/Nuggets game(good news) on Saturday. They were great seats and we made the 3rd and 4th quarter. So fun!

Not sure what we are doing to deserve this outpouring of blessings. But I am sure grateful!


Zach Amy Ruger and Ryder said...

its because your so awesome!!!

The Lotts said...

Jake and I haven't had rent for two years and man-o-mighty what a blessing it is!! That is sweet that you will get that luxury too!!!