Friday, April 23, 2010


Its amazing how much you can find things in what you like in abundance TILL you are getting married.

Went to go look for Matt's wedding suit on Wen thinking it would be a one stop shop to Men's Warehouse. Now granted I am picky and Matt is picky so that makes it worse. But they had 1 suit in the style,pattern and color we liked but it had some bits of blue in the pattern. That was our choice basically.
We then hit up Macy's,JcPenny, Dillard's etc to see if we could have any luck anywhere else. Nothing! And was told that vests are a fall thing? What the? Why?

Finding the perfect suit for Matt might end up being as big of a deal as finding my wedding dress was.(which I did find by the way)
This in turn makes Matt-oh so happy. He just loves shopping for wedding related anything(sense the tone)
So if anyone knows where else to try and get a gray suit with a vest(good quality only please) let me know!!

Your all my personal gems

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