Monday, October 18, 2010

Peach,Bows and Tutu's

Went up to Logan this weekend for a fun- filled,baby inspired weekend! We had a great time eating at lots of our old Logan haunts and snakin on the girly goodies.(Keep in mind we had 2 prego's) Mama Dewey had her baby shower up there and there were lots of fun little activities and super girly decorations(thanks to the talents of E) It turned out great and I hope for her sake that this little baby comes out REAL girly(and with hair) for her mama. I have never seen so many bows and sparkles and peach!

Loved seeing the ladies and hopefully we can all get together soon so our babes can all meet each other outside of the wombs! Can't believe 8 years later we are all going to have kiddos!


Britt said...

yay for the new belly pic! this one looks so much more accurate the the dress pic! your belly looks smaller in the new pics! I love baby Rowley!

erica said...

What, who made that A-MAZING cupcake onsie? That thing is so skater-ish! HAHAHAH Miss you!