Monday, November 1, 2010

My View

My feet have almost all disappeared under the bump. I am officially BIG! Can't believe we still have 2 months to go. Can't wait to meet our little man!
Our baby name list is growing longer by the min and I am pretty sure I am driving Lover Boy crazy with all the name possibilities.
A good nights sleep is seemingly becoming more distant
Back aches have become my become my constant companion
I smile at the increasing bumps in my belly and
the waddle is how I get around.
Its just a hunch but I am pretty sure Rhett is excited for a new play mate!
PS I have to announce that I am proud of Lover Boy and his new job. He is a good hubby and will be an awesome father!


Britt said...

sooo cute saydi lou! your hair is beautiful and i want it! you are just glowing! cant wait to meet baby R

erica said...

oooo june bug is eating his Wheaties! :) Love you!