Thursday, December 16, 2010

Safe Zone

This is what I figure.. my blog is private and I think I am pretty safe to assume that there aren't a ton of people who read it anyways. Except for maybe me. So hence, the Safe Zone. I am mostly writing this for me. I tend to find writing therapeutic. Now I am not claiming to be a creative writer or that I say anything ever of significance. I wish I was one of those where people would read things I had written and think "I TOTALLY relate to that" or "that is SO true".
But this post isn't really about any of that. Its mostly just to vent and yes brag. But not about myself... mostly about my wonderful husband.

I think I am pretty safe when I claim that I have been a pretty easy going pregnant woman. Besides the first few months when we found out about our little unexpected "surprise". Those months were a little rough at first. Mostly because I was in much more selfish place and had expected to just be a newlywed for awhile. You know, enjoy all the freedoms of being married but no kids yet. Traveling around the world, not worrying like crazy about insurance and money so much-those kinds of things. After realizing what a blessing our little guy was , I have been pretty un-hormonale.(is that even a word?) I have not been too stressed or onry. This last trimester though my hormones have decided to go a little berserk and I seem to have become a little sensitive and weepy. I tend to get sad or offended way more then normal and have to admit its a little off putting for me.My poor gentleman has had to put up with more tears from me then he is used to and probably more pep talks then he thought he had signed up for.
*This is where the bragging begins.( cover your eyes if it makes you too uncomfortable)
This week has been no exception to the tears and sadness. Also no exception has been the sweetness and love of my guy. I could not be more blessed or ask for anyone better to be my partner in life and eternity. He knows how to comfort me and when to give me hugs and when to be honest with me. He even gives me kisses on the forehead which I personally believe are magic and can cure almost anything that's ailing me.Really he is perfect and truly my best friend. Finally finding him has put me on the path of starting to become more like the person I have always strived to be. He is my constant. He is my daily inspiration. He tells me I am a sweatheart everyday, and I love him for that.
I thank the sparkly stars and my Heavenly Father for blessing me with someone so amazing to be my soul mate.
Love you Lover Boy!


erica said...

aww you are never this open smelly, I love it! I'm happy you found someone who will take care of you and love you all the same. I'm happy for you. And while little babe was a surprise I'm glad you and Matt have had the past 9 months to grow closer than most newly weds do! Love you bestie!

SassAFrass said...

Oh E just love you and your comments. Your always so sweet to me! :) Can't wait to see you and your family in February!
Love you back!