Monday, December 13, 2010

1 month left!

We are on the final countdown. Only 4 weeks left till our "due" date. I am hoping with all my might he decides to grace us a little early.But if he is anything like his parents he will be stubborn and stick it out in there as long as he can.
My friend E told me today that it felt like I had been pregnant forever! I could not agree with that statement more. I am convinced you have to be pregnant for 9 months though so by the end you are just so ready to have your baby and get "it" out of you that you don't even care as much about the labor part.
*secret confession-I still care just a teeny bit though
We still have no name yet , so he is still Baby Rowley or just Baby in conversations. Why is naming your children so dang hard?
Baby Rowley's room is almost set up to a point that I am almost completely happy with it. Just waiting on his bedding that his Grami B is making him for Christmas. Hope he is okay sharing with guests and our printer.
*picture from this time last yr. Before Lover Boy knew what he was getting himself into.

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erica said...

cute picture ROLLey's! And it does seem like you've been knocked up for awhile girl! But these are exciting times in our lives huh! Can't even wait to see your little babe! I'm guessing he'll have blue eyes and blonde hair! haha Love you!