Monday, January 31, 2011

Little Ascher

(last picture of just the 2 of us)
As suspected our little guy needed the extra nudge to grace us with his presence. Apparently I know how make my womb pretty comfy. He arrived to us on January 17 at 5:17pm. He weighed in at a whopping 8lb 13 ounces(almost 9 lbs) I have to admit this stunned us as well as the nurses a little bit. Apparently I didn't look big enough to have an almost 9lber.
Words cannot express the immediate and deep love and honor we have to be this little guys parents.
Here is our Little Ascher's birth story-
We arrived at the hospital at 7:30am and my doctor immediatly came in and broke my water-which was probably the most painful part of the whole process. I almost immediately started having contractions. I let them go on for about 30min making myself experience it,I didn't want to feel like a total cheater with the drugs. After about 3o min in they decided they wanted to put me on the Petosin and offered me an epidural which I gratefully took.
It took the doctor a little bit to get it to work and for it to kick in correctly,apparently the space where they put the needle is pretty narrow in my back.
Oh my love for modern medicine!
I felt much better and just rested for a few hours till my second nurse of the day came in and told me that it appeared that my water had not broken all the way and that the doctor would have to come back in to break it again. This time though, it wasn't as bad seeing as I could not feel much from my waist down. Once my water had been broken for the second time I started to regain some feeling on my right side of my body and was starting to feel the contractions again. So I had to get an extra dose of the epidural meds.
I quickly kept making progress through out the day and when they checked me at about 4pm they told me I was at a 9 cm dilated and 100% effaced and they would be back in an hour to check my status. At about 4:45 my doctor came back in and said I was ready to start beginning my practice pushes with my nurse. She suspected it would take about an hour to two hours-boy did I surprise her and myself when after about 15 minutes of pushing I started to crown and she had to call the doctor in to deliver.I lost count but Matt said he didn't think I pushed more then 15 times till I was on my final push. I pushed for the final time and they laid a beautiful, healthy chubby ,curly haired boy onto my chest! I could not control my happiness and just kept staring into his little face and looking back and forth between him and Matt with a permanent smile.
We were officially parents and I could not believe our little guy was FINALLY here!!
Matt and I had decided that we wanted keep Ascher with us in our hospital room, we had already waited long enough for him and didn't want to miss him for a second. Which I am SO glad we did. Ascher slept really well and I am pleased to say that Matt changed all but probably two of his diapers and got to be a pro at it. He is already an AMAZING father and you can feel such a great love coming from him when he holds our little guy.He can't ever get enough of holding him and covering him with dad kisses.I got so used to having him right next to us in the hospital that I have to guiltily admit that Ascher sleeps in the same room as us and even sleeps in bed with us sometimes.( I love it when he does)

(our new family)
We are already loving parenthood and we are treasuring every sweet moment we have with him.


Britt said...

Love it and I love him! Cant wait to see you guys again!

erica said...

So different to hear you write as a proud momma, but I love it...makes my happy! I know you waited awhile but I'm glad you had a good birth experience, you've been in my prayers the last 9 months! I'm so happy you have a sweet little baby in your life! Can't wait to meet him. Love you!