Friday, February 11, 2011


LB told Ascher I came up with his first cool nickname when I called him this the other night. I guess Lover Boy's nick name as a kid was Smash B-I am not sure why, but it makes me smile none the less.
In case you were wondering this is an update of baby Ascher's chubby cheeks. Seriously I think they might be as wide as his head is long. I LOVE it! I am a sucker for fat babies. And check out those big tired eyes. Its a good bet that I am kinda obsessed with my boy. I even told him I would be his best friend till he was 5.
At his 2 week appointment my babe was tipping the scales at almost 10lbs. Thats' right he lost and then put back his baby weight plus an extra lb. Have to admit I was a proud mother hen when our pediatrician was praising his weight gain. Who knew such simple things would make me so proud?

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erica said...

Aw love him. Isn't being a momma the best. Just think another pound and he'll be the size Kash was when I pushed him out! haha Can't wait to hold this little boy NEXT WEEK! Miss you mom version of my bestie!