Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lovely Lovley

Photo:Chicago Jan.2010
I have a lovely husband. He is seriously A ++ in the husband department.
Currently he is on a well deserved mini break and I could not be more okay with it. LB works VERY hard and puts in alot of hours to take care of baby Ascher and I. Plus... he is sexy.

LB spoiled me for V- day this year. That's right, my man picked out and got me jewelry all on his own. And I LOVED it!I must say I was shocked and pleased when LB kept pulling little boxes of delight out of his pockets on Friday night(our date)Man, and all I got him was a new outfit. (the man has no clothes)
He also took us to a nice dinner and then to a movie! I am one lucky,lucky lady. Ascher and I are going to miss him heaps the next few days.

Love you LB!


erica said...

what no pics of the jewels?

SassAFrass said...

I'll show em to you this weekend Sorry-we didn't take any pictures that night. Dang camera is stuck down in Lehi!