Friday, March 4, 2011

6 Weeks

Time is going much to fast for this Mama!
I can't believe that my little guy is already 6 weeks old. Granted he is a big 6 week old baby but I love all his chub and love seeing him get fatter right before my very eyes.
He works hard at impressing us and lets be honest, it doesn't take much.
Ascher does a great job at holding up his own head and is constantly working at it. He can turn his head from side to side on his tummy and loves to follow people around with his eyes.
He must be anxious to get moving because he is constantly working at standing up and kicking against us when he is sitting down.(Mom is sadly smiling)
Obviously he loves to eat-the rolls are accumulating every day which his mama loves to kiss and tickle. He isn't sure how he feels about his baths. They are touch and go. But he does love to shower with his dad. Ascher has been a little sick this week so LB has been taking him in the shower with him to break up the congestion and I think its safe to say that LB will rarely be showering alone now. We quickly figured out that Ascher hates sleeping on his back(or alone) and much prefers to be on his tummy(and in someones arms). I know, I know.. all the doctors discourage this but trust me.. he likes it. We definitely feel better about it since we know he can move his head from side to side now too. One night he even had a good 6 hour sleep and this mama is anxiously waiting for the next one. Can't believe how I survive on so little sleep these days.
Ascher is currently going through a love for his daddy and seems to prefer being held tummy down on his dad's forearm. Seriously, its the magic hold for the cranky Ascher.
Smascher is already growing up too fast for this emotional mama but we love to see all the progress he is making and LOVE when he graces us with a big toothless smile or giggle.

Love you my little Popeye!

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erica said...

just love him! They just grow so fast. Before you know he'll be walking around sassin you :) haha