Saturday, April 16, 2011

3 months and feeling good

I woke up this week knowing something strange....
I am the mother of a 3 month old!
Can you even believe it?
I am his mother and I can't believe it! There is no way my boy is already 3 months. Time seems to be flying by and while I wish I could stop the clock I am loving the progress Baby A is making. Ever hear of pregnancy/post baby brain syndrome?(no huh? Well its totally real) Since being self- diagnosed I have been required to keep a "journal" to document Baby A's milestones. So here are his latest-

-His favorite time of the day is currently morning time. Which I must admit on some days 7am is a little early for me. Which usually results in me feeding him while laying down in hopes that he will doze off. .. not always so fortunate. The best is when he cracks a huge gummy grin at me while eating and starts to "talk" to me. Makes me laugh every-time.
-Baby A has become quite the chatter box and he loves when you "talk" back to him. He usually squeals with delight and even makes the facial expressions to go along with whatever stories he thinks he is telling us. I like to imagine they're about magical creatures and smiling trees with singing bee's.
-He still favors his tummy when sleeping and has now become a little worm.Every time I go in to get him when he wakes I find in him in one of the corners of his crib all balled up. He is usually pretty pleased with himself.
- Most nights he will have a long stretch of at least 5 hours(thank goodness) and has thrown in a few 8-9 hour stretches as well. I usually freak out and have to go in and check on him to make sure he is breathing on those nights.
-The favored comments he gets lately are on how much hair he has and how he is all cheeks.
So you could say I have a "fat" and "hairy"baby.
-LB's current fear is (and he will hate me for putting this on a blog) that our boys hair will end up some version of red. Its true that we have seen a red tint to his brown hair and have had a few people remark that they spied a little fire in our boys hairs.
-To give you an idea of his current lbs-at his 2 month check up he was weighing in at a hearty 14.4 and 23 in long. He is starting to fit in to his 3 months clothes and I have already packed up some of his newborn outfits.
-He isn't very keen on his paci's but he is a sucker for his thumb(bah-ha) He has become an excellent self soother because of this. Which of course I appreciate.
-He has become a pro at holding up his head and is now working hard at sitting up and standing.Anytime we have him laying down he always is grunting and shifting around to try and pull himself up.

How we love our little Smascher!


erica said...

He looks so much older to me in that picture. I hate that I'm missing him growing up. You better come to Denver soon!

SassAFrass said...

We are hoping to come out to visit soon. This summer, it should be on like Donky Kong!